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May 31, 2024

Shit's on Fire, Yo! All about NFPA Fire Code and One of My Favorite Red Team Cover Identities - CackalackyCon - Deviant Ollam

In addition to being certified as a Forensic Locksmith and a Safe and Vault Technician, it sometimes surprises people to learn that I am a Life Safety NFPA & ADA Consultant and Fire Door Inspector. "Deviant, do you make a lot of money doing safety inspections like that?" I get asked. The answer is a resounding no. I didn't take this training for the money, however. I learned about fire doors and fire suppression systems so that I can speak knowledgeably about them if I'm using this field as a cover identity during a break-in job.
This presentation is a comprehensive crash course in the field of National Fire Prevention Association knowledge and building codes. The rundown offered will afford you a lot of useful tips, terminology, and insider knowledge that you can rattle off at an unsuspecting employee or guard who is curious as to what you're doing inside of their building.